Duct Cleaning Services: All the duct will be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of all the allergens and dust that accumulates. We also provide before and after snapshots of the duct.

Main Duct Vent                                                  HVAC Coils

 Install and repair refrigeration equipment in Supermarkets and Restaurants

Maintenance: Inside and Outside A/C units are cleaned thoroughly for a longer life span.
Filter replacement                                          Belt check and replacement
A&A Xtreme Air, Corp
Heating & Air Conditioning

To provide the best temperature for your home and business!

A&A Xtreme Air, Corp
Heating & Air Conditioning                                                   To provide the best temperature for your home and business!


We provide services for your Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration & Walk In Cooler Units so they may service you better!

New Installation: Once determined that a new A/C unit is needed, then we try to provide the best possible price available     


Service Provider for Friedrich and Amana P-tac units: mostly
found in Hotels

Friedrich P-tac Unit                                  Goodman P-tac unit                                 

 Available 24 hours 7 days a week

Replacements: We will replace only what's needed to provide cold and/or heat

24 hour customer service

Flexible schedule

Certified workmanship


Residential and Commercial Properties

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